Avadox is a large continent  west of Tantamount. Unlike Tantamount, Avadox is not inhabited by dragons and instead harbors different species. What these species are is unknown along with a majority of this land's lore.

Stories in AvadoxEdit

None so far





Close Bodies of LandEdit


Holidays Isles

Islands of Cede


  • It can be concluded that the citizens of Tantamount know about Avadox.
    • This is because Tellon mentioned the Key of the Mountains being brought to Avadox.
  • Avadox is the only continent besides Tantamount that has been mentioned.
    • However, it also has not been explored in any shape or form.
  • Any stories that would of been made in Avadox have been pushed back thanks to the release of Glyphic Memorandum.

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