The term used for when one character is more interested in children than romance. And also mostly a joke. Generally the name changes from "Deacon Babies" to the character who wants the babies' name, or the character who the first character wants to have babies with, depending on how it's being referred to. The character generally wants the other character's babies. But the children themselves can be referred to by either parent.

EX: If John wanted to have kids with Jen he would want "Jen Babies". However, their children could be either "John Babies" or "Jen babies"

The Deacon in the name is referring to Deacon Mulberry. The term itself has been seen being applied to Deacon, Snowflake (Snowflake Babies), and Nameless Mook (Nameless Babies).


This originally started as Doctor's joke about how Ach wanted "Deacon Babies"

It's escalated quite far from there. I think it's basically a meme.

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