Nameless Mook is a bit of an enigma. He is considered be part of Branwen 's Night's Guard as he possesses similar abilities. He appears completely normal for an electric.


Nameless is a total dunce. He isn't very bright, he is extremely fearful, and he doesn't realize it. He has been known to freak out over the greatest and smallest of problems, even when told everything was fine.


Nothing is really known about Nameless. His origins are a mystery, even to me.

MasterWeavile898 (talk) 17:59, October 5, 2013 (UTC)

During the War of LiesEdit

Nameless first appeared shortly after Bloodwing killed two Elite Night's Guardsmen. The two had a short conversation where Bloodwing hinted that he was an insane demon. Nameless, being the dunce he is, proceeded to freak out and run off to notify Branwen. Shortly after showing her the bodies, he went totally bonkers and knocked himself out.

He later awoke in his room in Branwen's Sands inn, where he proceeded to have a fight with a fly. During the fight he managed to knock himself out, essentially losing his only fight so far.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Nameless has many powers including, but not limited to: teleportation, super-dragon-speed, increased endurance, increased flying ability, shrinking himself (and subsequently returning to normal), fainting and collapsing at an increased rate, as well as normal electrical abilities.

Friends, Family, and Other RelationshipsEdit


Nameless is only known to have a relationship with Branwen, who he seems to view as sort of a protector.

Quotes Involving NamelessEdit

  • "In his defense, it was a horsefly." - MasterWeavile898
  • "For the love of the gods! He failed to garden the flowers!" - Snowflake

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