Scraggy Moltenshell is a mutant Magma in the Elite Night's Guard. He is classified as a 3rd level guard.


Much like the other Elite Night's Guard, Scraggy was no defined personality. He is mindless and cannot think for himself. However, it has been proved that his voice can be used as shown when Snowflake took control of his body and made him taunt Bloodvein.


Scraggy's life history is unknown. All that is known is that at some point he became an Elite Night's Guard and was locked away in a vault under the Kingdom of Night with the rest of his kind.

During the War of LiesEdit

After he, along with the rest of the Elite Night's Guard, were freed from the vault, Scraggy became a personal guard to Branwen along with being Snowflake's assistant. He was first seen when the Cavern Lurker tribe leader was brought into the Night's throne room. When Snowflake insulted the female with him, Scraggy crushed her between his teeth as she tried to kill Snowflake. He then proceeded to swallow her whole and stand guard while Snowflake took care of the tribe leader. Scarggy was heard growling when Burning tried to protect Renise in Branwen's throne room. He was one of the three mutants that accompanied Branwen to the Sands. He was seen watching Branwen in her room and was the one who attacked Bloodvein when he tried to scare Branwen. Snowflake took control of Scraggy's mind and had him chase Bloodvein outside, all the while taunting him. Scraggy returned to Branwen's room and stayed there when she left the hotel to take a relaxing walk.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Scraggy, like the rest of the Elite Night's Guard, is mutated. He is much larger than the common Magma. His "molten" parts buldge out more and some of the "lava" inside of him pours out occasinally. He can't stop himself from drooling and often has hot red goo excreting from his mouth. Scraggy has neddle sharp obsidian teeth that are very easy to break off. However, much like that of a shark, Scraggy can regrow his collection of teeth. Scraggy has great strength along with the ability to spew hot magma from his mouth.

Friends, Family, and Other RelationshipsEdit

Scraggy has no relationships. He is mindless and cannot form bonds with anyone besides his masters' Snowflake and Branwen to whom he watches over and obeys.