The Battle of the Night was a major plot point created by Doctortear and MasterWeavile898 to kill Agatha, depose Stormwing, provoke Branwen and Snowlfake to come out of hiding, as well as give Harriet an opening to destroy the Mountains' capital. It was a two-day battle with the combined forces of Agatha and Stormwing entering into the deep caverns of the Night using data obtained from Shimmer and Jerrisa. In the end it was sabotaged by Nazar and Harriet's efforts; with Nazar working to kill Agatha and Harriet attempting to stop her son from giving up his power.

Major ParticipantsEdit

Stormwing Cortonica and Agatha Mulaca were the original conspirators who attacked the Night.

Branwen Zeki, Cyeril Necare, Shimmer Bauer, Melody Liveoak, Parmulae Tracis, and Penelope are all citizens of the Night who were mentioned defending it at one point or another.

Nazar Zeki and Kat are double agents who pretended to be with the Kingdom of Beauty, but were actually working for the Kingdom of Night.

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