The Kingdom of Sands is the center-most (geographically) kingdom in Tantamount.

Ruler HistoryEdit

Current Ruler: Thar Misterbel (usurper)


Arid, expansive desert . Only the strongest of dragons are capable of survival in such a harsh environment.

The capitol is Dunescape.


 The Kingdom of Sands was already vicious during times of peace. Now, in the war, they are the most monstrous and gruesome of the kingdoms. They are the most hated and feared for good reason. They are one of the most powerful out of the kingdoms. The country is ruled in a state of semi-anarchy.

-"If King Thar got his way, the entire land of Tantamount would be painted red."

The country is ruled in a state of semi-anarchy. Laws are hardly ever enforced, while prostitution and murder are every day occurences.

Native BreedsEdit

Notable CharactersEdit

Thar Misterbel



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