Just south of the Kingdom of the Mountains lies the rugged Kingdom of Skies. This kingdom controls the majority of the mountain ranges in Tantamount.

Ruler HistoryEdit

Current Ruler: Queen Affiah Brew


The Kingdom of the Skies controls the eastern-most mountains in Tantamount. It has some territory bordering on the plains, but it is never used or explored. 

The capitol city is Skyreach.


The Kingdom of Skies is the most war-ravaged territory in Tantamount. Since the war, the proud and courageous kingdom has turned cowardly and weak. Desperately trying to hold onto their alliance with the Seas, Queen Affiah is doing everything to keep on good terms with the suspicious kingdom. If any of the kingdoms are to fall to the War of Lies, the Skies will be the first to go.

Native BreedsEdit

Notable CharactersEdit

Affiah Brew

Cyeril Necare

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