The Kingdom of Woodlands is composed of a chain of forests scattered throughout Tantamount.

Ruler HistoryEdit

Current Ruler: King Sequoia Redwood


The Kingdom of the Woodlands is mainly located west of the Jungle, and controls the major forests. Shady and green, the Woodlands is a prosperous kingdom.

The capitol is Yosemite


The Kingdom of the Woodlands is the kindest and most tolerant of all the kingdoms. It has the largest and diversest population (apart from the Kingdom of Night) and is the "melting pot" of Tantamount. However, after King Sequoia lost his mate, the venerable monarch has become more and more secluded. The kingdom is slowly, but surely, crumbling into chaos and desperation.

As of the events of Dying Dynasties, the Kingdom of Woodlands locked its borders.

Native BreedsEdit

Notable CharactersEdit

Sequoia Redwood

Deacon Cyan Mulberry