Vixen is a Yulebuck currently employed by the Kingdom of Night. He is played by Doctortear


He is emotionless at times, and likes to get things done. He will do whatever it takes to protect the ones he cares about. He loves his job and is disgusted with most of the rulers. He is use to killing in anyway possible and will murder in the worst ways if he has to. He has a rather intelligent side and is a mastermind when planning battles. Vixen has a soft side and does well with children.


While in the egg, Vixen was brought over to Tantamount by his parents. He lived his first few centuries of life spreading joy and happiness across the land. However, when the war against the humans started, Vixen jumped in and became an amazing fighter. After the war ended, Vixen retired in a small village called Night's Song. Once the War of Lies started, Vixen joined the Kingdom of Night and has worked for the kingdom ever since.

During the War of LiesEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Vixen is massive in comparison to other species of his kind. The reason of this can be revealed with his age which is around 67,000. He may be the oldest creature in Tantamount, excluding the Guardian of the Vault. His muscles are large and his hooves are strong. His horns are sharped to a point and can be used to gore someone to death. Vixen is a mastermind at making battle plans and enjoys doing so. His seriousness can command towards around him and he is a natural leader.

Friends, Family, and Other RelationshipsEdit